Il Grande Silenzio, 2014 (with Axel Stockburger)

Il Grande Silenzio is a film that depicts the events unfolding during an exhibition opening at the Viennese off-space gallery Vesch. The narrative reacts to the situation of artists who work in environments that are characterized by contemporary neo-liberal politics, namely a situation of contest where everybody is on their own. It is however, not often possible to "literally" address the feelings that might emerge from such situations, since on the surface of things everybody is best friends with each other. For the making of Il Grande Silenzio, 22 contemporary Viennese artists were invited to develop their own take on the subject, produce works specifically for the project and dream up their possible form of intervention within the larger framework. The outcome is a film that, on the one hand relates to the Viennese tradition of experimental art from the 1960s, on the other enables individual artists to raise the banner of black humour against the contemporary (art)worlds patterns of "everybody against everybody".

Production Credits:
Concept/Direction/Editing: Axel Stockburger, Christoph Meier
Cinematographer: Robert Oberrainer
First Assistant Camera: Max Hoellmueller
Lighting: Lukas Kern
Sound: Kai Maier-Rothe
Catering: Sarah Pichlkostner
with the presence and works by the following artists artists: Karin Fauchard, Bernhard Garnicnig, Katharina Heistinger, Lukas Heistinger, Gerald Nestler, Ute Müller, Axel Stockburger, Christoph Meier, Lazar Lyutakov, Lina Moravetz, Josh Müller, Marusa Sagadin, Nicolas Jasmin, Ludwig Kittinger, Kris Lemsalu, Stephan Lugbauer, Kai Maier-Rothe, Sarah Pichlkostner, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Obermair, Richard Reisenberger, Martin Vesely, Dino Zrnec.
Funded by bm:ukk

© Axel Stockburger, Christoph Meier 2014